Cancellation Policy

We are aware of unforeseen circumstances and we understand how things can change last minute. Please keep in mind, we are still obligated to pay the track rental, ambulance service, corner workers and all other services that are required to run a track day, whether or not you show up. In order to keep out-of-pocket expenses down we use the following rules for all reservations:

Your credit or carry over amount will depend on the time you request to cancel or reschedule:

– All sales are final.
– Cancellations 10 or more days prior to the track day event = $25 processing fee.
– Cancellation requests within 10 days of the event will not be granted and result in a forfeit of payment. No refunds!
– NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS will be given the day of the event for any reason including weather, failing tech inspection, mechanical issues, on track incidents, fatigue, nausea, headache, cramps, need gas money, kids college fund etc.…
– You can transfer or sell your spot to another rider. Motoyard must be notified of the transfer prior to the event. You can notify us at
– In order to receive a credit it is up to you to make sure we are notified. You have several contact options: by using our contact form, or by email at

•If you received a discount by purchasing multiple track day events together, and decide to cancel one of the events, will cancel the discount you received when ordering.

Rain Policy:

All events are "RAIN OR SHINE", meaning, we ride regardless of pouring rain or 116 degree burning sun, unless the track administration specifies otherwise. Riding well in the rain requires smoothness, concentration and a relaxed, confident rider. If you can master these in the wet, you will find you have made tremendous gains when you get back to the dry. Students consistently tell us they learned more in the wet than they ever thought they would.

We do not control weather conditions, if it rains we get wet, if the sun shines we sweat, both ways we are still liable for track rental fees and everything that goes into running the track day. On the positive note it rarely rains in Southern California.