Gear Requirements

Our gear requirements are easy to meet, and these are the items that all motorcyclists should own and use.

There are many options for good quality motorcycle gear, if you have any questions or need some advise prior to purchasing your track gear please send us an e-mail:

Quality riding gear should be viewed as an investment, not an expense. If you purchase high-quality items, they should provide you with many years of protection and comfort.

JACKET/PANTS: One piece leathers or two-piece leathers that connect with a zipper are required. No Mesh type of suits are allowed.

HELMET: UNDAMAGED, full-faced helmet with DOT, SNELL, or BSI rating. No open face or two piece (flip up) helmets are allowed. We strongly suggest riders not to attach any kind of cameras, equipment etc, to their helmets.

HELMET FIT: It is imperative that your helmet fit properly. There should be no space between your head and face, and the cheek and forehead pads. If anything, the pads should gently compress your face. If you can easily fit a finger between your head and the pads, then your helmet is improperly fitted and may not adequately protect you in a crash.

BACK PROTECTOR: We strongly suggest each rider to wear back protector.

GLOVES: Must be full length, non-mesh, leather motorcycle gloves. There should be no rips or excessive “scuffs”. When in the riding position, there can be no exposed skin. The gloves must have a gauntlet that fully covers your wrist.

BOOTS: Motorcycle specific boots that fully cover the ankle are required. Boots should have significant protective items in the ankle area. Sneakers, “stunting” boots, andwork boots are not allowed.

KNEE SLIDERS/TOE SLIDERS: If your gear has these, they must be plastic or leather. All “sparking” type sliders are strictly prohibited!

While we strongly encourage you to purchase your own high-quality gear, we do rent some of the items on a first come-first served basis.  Please email us more details:, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.