Rider Enhancement Course

The cost is $55.00!  The average class size is usually between 5-15 riders. We try to keep the rider to instructor ratio at no more than 3-1. We will provide a safe, friendly environment where you can hone your riding skills and become a better, safer rider.

Each classroom session is about 20 minutes long and allows riders the opportunity to ask questions and talk with their track coaches between the on track sessions. By the end of the day our school riders have usually shown significant improvement in their riding skill and comfort on the bike and have really stepped up their track speeds! Some of our school riders are even bumped up to Group B before the end of the day!

During the first classroom session we cover basic track safety, the layout of the track, track entry and exit, and flag rules. The first track session is the Lead/Follow where each rider gets an opportunity to follow directly behind an instructor.  These are known as sighting laps, and they are a good opportunity to relax your nerves, and start learning the track layout at a slower speed.  This is a great way to really learn the track and work on perception of speed and vision techniques. We also cover basic reference points both on and off the track.

As the day progresses, we'll cover shifting, braking and body positioning.  All day you'll be able to get one on one coaching from our instructors and loads of track time. No matter what street experience you may have, you're guaranteed to learn and improve your riding skills at our Motoyard Rider Enhancement Course.