What To Bring

  • Your driver license or identification card, so we can verify your identity.
  • Current Health Insurance, if you have it. It is helpful to have a copy on hand, just in case. We don’t provide health insurance.
  • Bike Key – you’ll be surprised how many people have to hot wire their bike or go home.
  • Gas (VP Racing Fuel) is usually available for sale at Willow Springs. Bring your own gas if you want to save some money – race fuel is pricey.
  • Chairs and canopy. It is nice to have a place to sit, and even nicer to have a little shade to sit under when you are not on the track. If you don’t have a canopy, lots of folks do…. so make some friends at the track.
  • Bring Water! Dehydration is a rider’s worst enemy! We will provide FREE drinks throughout the day, but if we run out, you are responsible for keeping yourself hydrated!
  • Change of clothes for when you are finished riding. You don’t want to drive home in the same sweaty stuff you’ve been riding in all day.
  • Bring a friend, in case you need them to drive you back.