Which Level is right for you?

Motoyard runs a 3 group format with 20 minute sessions.  We do not break for Lunch!!  This is to provide more track time for riders.  But please, make sure that you take the time in between sessions to eat something so that you stay energized throughout the day.  Please sign up for the appropriate group.  Motoyard Staff is committed to providing a safe and un-crowded trackday experience for every single one of our riders.  If you are slowing down or riding too fast within’ a particular group, expect to be moved to the appropriate level where riders are riding at the same speeds you are.  Always email with any questions regarding which group is right for you.

  • Level 1 – First time at the racetrack? Looking for a more controlled environment and a more relaxed session? The pace in Group C is slower than in Group B or Group A, and inside passing is not allowed. Group C is closely monitored by Motoyard Staff to ensure your safety. All Group C riders should consider taking part in our Rider Enchancement Course, which has helped hundreds of riders achieve their riding goals and learn valuable skills. Our comprehensive educational approach along with friendly one-on-one coaching is the key.
  • Level 2 – Done your share of track days? Ready to pick up the pace? Group B is for intermediate and advanced riders who are comfortable with closer passing and greater speeds. Courteous passing is allowed inside and out with a 6 foot buffer. Riders must be smooth, and predictable, and previous track experience is required.
  • Level 3 – Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your safety belts! Group A is for very skilled trackday riders and racers who are very comfortable with a much faster pace. Closer inside and outside passing are allowed. First time track riders are not allowed, regardless of street experience.

Motoyard staff reserves the right to change your group designation based upon your ability to ride within that group, at our discretion, and based upon availability.  All riders are required to ride within their ability, and obey the rules of the group in which they are riding.